Travel  Hard

When you travel, do it like you mean it. Take every opportunity you can get your paws on, and experience as much as you possibly can without your head falling off. Don’t hold back from connections – with people, with places, and with yourself. Taste new foods, dance to new music and go on every adventure available. Relax when you need to, but even then give in to total peace. Don’t waste your time with half heartedness,  or face regret – Travel Hard.

Travel  Hard(1)

When you travel, take only what is neccesary. The clothes you will actually wear, the technology you really need. Leave behind your STUFF – your worries, your attachments, your things. Excess baggage (whether emotional or physical) can only hold you back from fulling embracing the travellers life. Along your journey discard what you don’t need, the things you realise you no longer have use for or desire to keep. Take less with you, bring more back. Let go – Travel Light.

Travel  Hard(2)

When you travel, travel. Let go of your preconceptions, your stereotypes and your inhibitions. Do what you want, when you want to – without being selfish or inconsiderate, now is the time for you to say yes only when you mean yes, and no only when you mean no. Explore the world with the knowledge that there is no right or wrong way to do it. Embrace yourself, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, whether they are at home or abroad. Live life how you want to, create the reality you crave – Live Free.