I am not black. I don’t have AIDS. I don’t ride an elephant to school.
But I am South African.

So if you could take your stereotypes and stuff ’em in a shredder, then put the whole shredder in a furnace and fling the entire thing into outer space, that would be appreciated.

*Thank you*

The ridiculous things above are all answers I’ve given to serious questions people ask when they find out I’m from South Africa. Some people know a little, some people know more, and most people know not much at all. In light of that, I decided to illuminate the situation by highlighting some of my beautiful countries key aspects, epic tales and moments of awesomeness. So click below and learn my pretties!

For Beginners(1)

There’s a lot going on in my beloved country, which is why I’ve set up this site – We Are Rainbow. There we celebrate our country, share stories and opinions full of positivity and hope, call each other to action and generally unify for the good of South Africa and all her people.

Whether you are South African, American or Martian, I believe that the ideas and ideals – while currently being very SA-centric – apply to every country, every person, and our world.


By the way, I might actually know the ONE OTHER South African you do. Just please, for the love of my sanity and all the vodka in the world, DON’T ask me about it.