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How to Survive Startup Life: Fear, Failure, and My Man Steve Jobs

Getting your sh*t together can be tough

I am really scared sometimes. I try as I might to balance the work at the startup with my personal life, with my freelancing, yet I seem to keep taking, and creating, hard knocks. I know I have to change what I do, and I know that I’m getting better. But it’s hard. It’s hard to know how to survive startup life. It’s hard sometimes to know what’s going on. But hey.

I know these things at least.

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The Before 30 Bucket List

I’m 23 and a half.

I’ve done a bit with my life, but most of all it feels like I’ve been prepping for the big leagues. Falling and getting up and learning and falling and doing it all over and over again. Now it’s come time to take the kid’s gloves off and tackle the world head on. Booyah!

So here’s my Before 30 Bucket List. Let me know what ya think.

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Honesty is a Responsibility – Ambition, Anxiety and Awesomeness

Ever been so tired that the only thoughts in your head spin and sear with overwhelming anxiety?

It’s been about 24 hours since I left South Africa for the second time. After 8 months away I decided it was time to get some good old home vibes right in my face. And a good idea it was. My 4 weeks back in the Rainbow Nation was a whirlwind of excited faces, good food, love and laughter. I had forgotten what it felt like to be safe, to be surrounded by people who really care for you and have done for years. I feel so blessed by the reaction of my loved ones, all the people that seemed even more excited than I was about my spur of the moment, secret return home. Even my sister, who had no idea I was about to arrive on her doorstep and reacted with a simple and eloquent, “What the fuck?!!!”, before proceeding to make her cheese sauce for dinner. It was 28 days of happiness, mixed in with the occasional heartache that comes from missing home before you’ve even left.

Loony People I Love
Loony People I Love
Now I’m back in the UK and about to start the next leg of my journey.

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Why I only Blogged 57 times in 8 months – The Perils of “Perfectination”

Trying to be perfect will kill you.

8 months of travel. 3 continents. Hundreds of amazing, interesting, compelling experiences.

A measly 57 posts.

And yes, I know I am the only one to blame. But today I’ve decided to tell the truth about why I’ve been putting off writing. It’s because I’m shit scared.

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The #1 Problem of being a Blogger

The conundrum of the blogger

Be you. Be real. Share. Be authentic.

Then build a brand.


Things You Think While Old Women Make Noises

As luck would have it, I am in hospital.

I have been for 4 days, and it looks like the men and women in charge have no intention of sending me home – home is a touch and go place at the moment anyway, considering I rely on the kindness of friends to keep me hobo-less.
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