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I love this post. In terms of style, but also because the message is so relevant – not only for travellers. For everyone. I think we need to spend a little more time believing in people, a little less time judging people, and far more time having tea with strangers. Thanks for the beautiful read Lana.

Godspeed To A Mighty Balloon

A culture of stranger danger dominated your formative years, and it certainly feels like everyone is out to get you. The pickpockets use compassion and distraction techniques to steal from you, and sexual harassment is an inconvenient part of life. Most recently, you were groped on a packed tube (why didn’t any of you help me?) by a man who initiated a cheery conversation about the weather. The swathes of anecdotal evidence from friends and the internet suggests to you that your experiences are not unique.

Eventually you lose count of all the bad and uncomfortable things that have happened to you, and an overarching fear of unsolicited friendliness and a deeply rooted suspicion of everyone around you begins to govern your interactions with strangers.

The man with the tea glass, and owner of the beach hut The man with the tea glass, and owner of the beach hut on Heybeli Ada

Within minutes of arriving in Istanbul, a man…

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Travel Quote Inspiration – Thanks Internet.

A friend of mine from back home has a blog. I think it’s kinda cool. You will too. Let me introduce you to LifeTravelFood.


The aeroplane had come to a standstill. At last! And immediately you hear the sound of the seat-belts clicking and clacking as people race to see who will be the first person to get out of their chairs. Then it’s the long wait for the doors to open. For some reason these quick-fire aeroplane rebels never seem to understand, that just because they got up doesn’t mean the doors would open immediately. As they stand and wait, while I, still seated wait for the movement that signifies freedom, an eerie scene unfolds within my mind. Maybe not as elaborate as Walter Mitty, but significant enough that it made me wonder…

As the people stand jostling for position, you can feel the energy in the air. The couple in front of me are starting to get annoyed at each other. He had accidentally bumped her with his oversized hand luggage –…

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