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This is a Post About Poo

I feel really constipated. There. I said it.

Tummy problems have plagued me ever since I suffered from intense eating disorders and chucked excessive alcohol consumption on top of that. It’s a real bane on my life. For the last two weeks I’ve struggled to be healthy, toilet wise. I’m constantly feeling a mix of nauseated and hungry at mealtimes,  and bloated and uncomfortable (ESPECIALLY on the beach).  My friend remarked that it’s better than the opposite, good old diarrhea, but I think that depends on context –  I’d rather experience full on poopiness for a day or two than this ever present heavy grossness. Continue reading “This is a Post About Poo”


An Open Letter to my Sucky Back

Dearest Back of mine.

Why do you hurt me so?

I understand that everyone has a breaking point. That no matter how strong and resilient one is there will be a time when enough is enough. I don’t expect you to carry the weight of the world because that’s not your job, and shoulders can handle it. I don’t expect you to support every straw, I’m not a camel. If you could have simply held out while I enjoy my adventure time however, that would have been great. Continue reading “An Open Letter to my Sucky Back”

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