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What would you like to know? Find out about my story and my incredibly hipster name – I’m fantastically interesting, really…

Hello sweet reader. Welcome to your new home.

My name is Caitlin, but I guess you’ll get to know me as the Indie Butterfly. (I still can’t believe how incredibly hipster that sounds- but I promise, my clothes are as cheap as they look and I don’t own a typewriter).

I’m a 23 year old South African girly person. After dealing with severe depression, addictions and eating disorders I decided it was time to kick that shit and do what I want to do. So that’s what I did. It wasn’t easy. It doesn’t get better over night, but when you start feeling like YOU again, the struggle is worth it.

In early 2014 I found myself working 3 jobs at once. Let’s just say they didn’t work out.  But I always knew I wanted to travel, and to write – I’m pretty certain no single career could keep me fulfilled. Uncertain of my abilities and terrified of taking the leap, I sucked up my fear and insecurities (with the encouragement of almost all my loved ones), and decided to make my own way forward… the ‘road less traveled’, you know? On the 26th of May 2014 I bought a one-way ticket to Turkey, leaving behind my family, friends and comfort zone. I’m making my way around the world using alternative travel options, and pimping out my epic freelancing skills. Oh, and by being really, really lucky.

I believe that there is abundant beauty in our everyday lives we miss simply because we are disconnected – from ourselves, our world, and each other. I like to spend my time learning about everything, dancing like a fool to bouncy music, reading as much as possible, and going on wondrous adventures… I also think a lot about what to have for breakfast, and why my favourite colour is rainbow.

From an utterly bonkers, anxiety ridden control freak, I’m learning to let go and embrace the ‘Wanderlust’. Through my travels and writing, I hope to become awesome at life, save the world, and maybe if I’m really lucky, hug a panda.

Also, if someone could bring me some pistachio ice-cream, that’d be great.

Silliness, Haga Haga, South Africa
Silliness, Haga Haga, South Africa


What’s in a name?

I’ve always loved butterflies.

I mean, well, who doesn’t? I bet even prison-hardened puppy haters smile when they see one dawdle by. But they have a special significance for me. I seem to see them whenever I need a reminder that things will be alright.

While brainstorming potential names for my  blog, I did some research on what I’ve come to see as my sweet and airy good luck charm. Lo and behold, but did I find something beautiful. In Ancient Greek. the word for butterfly is ‘ψυχή’ (psȳchē) – also the word for ‘mind’ or ‘soul’. Butterflies are associated with transcendence, transformation, growth and beauty. It’s kinda cool. So cool in fact, that I got the word tattoo’d on the back of my neck. I know… what a rebel.

As this blog, and this adventure, is something I’m doing for and from the depths of my heart, nothing could be more serendipitous. I’m doing it solo, with no plans or tours or qualifications – not sure how much more independent I can get without going completely off-grid and living on roots I find in the woods. It’s not the easiest journey, but it’s one I feel is perfectly described by “Indie Butterfly”.

Now where’s that damn ice-cream?