I’m 23 and a half.

I’ve done a bit with my life, but most of all it feels like I’ve been prepping for the big leagues. Falling and getting up and learning and falling and doing it all over and over again. Now it’s come time to take the kid’s gloves off and tackle the world head on. Booyah!

So here’s my Before 30 Bucket List. Let me know what ya think.

Be fluent in 4 languages.

Actually travel, not just live my usual life but overseas.

Get my Divemasters.

Learn to Surf.

Learn Latin Dancing.

Bungee Jump.


Publish a book.

Complete independence – work for no one, have no debts.

Travel to all Continents.

Raise 1 million for charity.

Run a Youtube Channel.

Learn Photoshop and Video Editing,

Spend time with those most important to me.

Own my own business.

Explore Africa.

Establish We Are Rainbow as a driving force for social change.

Climb Kilimanjaro.

Become a yoga master.

Run a marathon.

Go camping with horses on the beach.

Learn how to properly cook pasta.

Record a single and perform it in front of an audience.

Sell a painting.

Be in another play.

Get my international drivers license.

Save some money for once.

Only have worthwhile friends.

Truly love and forgive myself.

Truly experience travel while changing lives.

Given myself somewhat of a challenge. Do you have a Bucket List of your own? Any suggestions for me on how to achieve mine? Think I’m a bit nuts? Lemme know.