We do nothing with our lives, We must be waiting for death

So let’s just party. Who care’s about the rest?

Let’s spill oil from tankers & burn down the sea

Doesn’t mean anything to you or me.

Plug in your i-Pod, put your X-Box on,

How would we know if something was wrong?

There are children worldwide with no one to mourn them,

when they are raped, battered, beaten; We simply ignore them.

Sold into slavery across the globe everyday,

millions of souls have withered away.

But what do WE do, with our technology, our education?


If I were God I would have changed the station.


Apparently we’ve forgotten what it means to be human;

to show love, community, kindness & compassion.

We’ve forgotten what it means to be a Sister & a Brother,

NOT just by blood, but with the Earth as our Mother.

I’m not a “hippy”, I’m not “New Age”, I’m not stupid, & I’m not crazy.

I guess I’m just sick and tired of being lazy.

Of watching the world I love fall into the flames

While we sit back, getting fat, playing video games.

The bees are dying, our crops are mutant,

our FUTURE here is NOT SAFE. Get used to it.

We’ve run out of fuel? Just keep digging deeper,

as we pull out our smartphones & wait for the Reaper.


Instead of running from a world that’s so damn “bad”,

escape virtual reality, appreciate what you have!

Open your eyes, make a stand, take a chance

& set the world on a different path.

All the problems we have are caused by ourselves

– poverty, war. How deep can we delve

into what we accept as ‘OK’ behaviour?

Chemical bombs in Syria & Asian child labour?

What the hell is our problem, that we can just sit,

chill & text & watch humanity slip?

It’s happening right now, before our eyes,

& we’re lying when we say “I didn’t realise.”

At which point do we remove our focus from our phones,

turn OFF the TV & ignore the moans.

At which point do we, the youth, stand up


to tell them,

This is fucked up.

We are tired of your greed & commission based wars,

we are tired of your government & all of its flaws.

We are tired of ALWAYS needing your permission,

when we know we are making the RIGHT DECISION.

We are tired of the pollution, your simple idiocy.

And we are tired,

really tired,

of your obsolete bureaucracy.

We gave you our future, & we gave you our trust.

All you did was make fools of us.

It’s time now for us to take our spot,

because you have all clearly lost the plot.


A message to those who think they are free.

A message to the youth, to those like me:

Happiness is one thing, it can bring satisfaction.

But the price you pay is that of distraction.