This is a little deeper.

Indie Butterfly

Sometimes the Universe gives you a kick in the ass. A swift hard punt to the buttock area. And it can really hurt.

I was disciplined this way very recently. While living in Ye Olde Pirate Bar, I had been doing a lot of imagining. The owner had discussed bringing me back on next year as management, giving me the opportunity to help take it from a grotty party place full of intoxicated tourists to something fantastic. The vision was beautiful – a small luxury camping area, complete renovation of the facilities, increased focus on the restaurant and the start up of a water sport/free-diving retreat. I would be in charge of creating the website, planning the marketing strategy, and my ideas regarding design and management of the existing functions were to be considered and put into practice. What an opportunity at 23! With the promise of serious awesomeness in…

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