I am an awful, terrible person. I know.


I think I must be at least 2 months and 20 posts overdue… this is what happens when you insist on going off the road less travelled onto the one that isn’t actually there, and you’re just stumbling around through the undergrowth and tripping over toadstools. It’s either no internet or no laptop or both (Neither? Hmmm… anyway). But this time it will change!

I have internet, a laptop AND an international adapter! BOOYAH mothercluckers.

Oh, and I live in London now. Just by the way.

My travels have brought me to the mud island, and I feel like staying here for awhile. There’s simply so much ridiculousness going on left, right and “I don’t define myself by direction” centre that I can’t possibly leave until I’ve been fully immersed, and probably completely and irrevocably changed. Gosh DARNIT I am excited. I’ve been here almost 2 weeks (don’t shout at me for the lack of blogs… I’m sorrrryyyy OK) and it’s been exhausting and wonderful and weird.

I have so much to tell you all. And you definitely want to hear me waxing lyrical about it too… I promise.

See you soon reader dears, and thanks for the patience.
You can't be cross at this face....
You can’t be cross at this face….