Ok. So I’m flying to England tomorrow. Saaaay WHAAAAT?

It’s crazy because yesterday it was just an idea. Now it’s totally, seriously, fantastically happening (expect a post on the surreal nature of travel soon). But most important, even apart from the excitement of applying for new jobs and getting life sorted so I don’t become a hobo too soon, is this simple fact…

I couldn’t have done it without my Mum.

Seriously. Throughout my travels so far she has made my life so much happier, just by being there. She wants to kick the ass of people that mess with me, hugs me over the phone when I’m tired and grumpy and have just tumbled out my treehouse, and she  is so incredibly excited about what I’m doing. My Mum is the type of lady that has already Googled all the potential transport routes out of the airport (I fly into to Stansted, London), compared them by strict standards of price, safety, cleanliness and “which one looks the most fun”, and emailed me the links. She was already getting discounts at backpackers before I could tell her I was staying with friends for the first week.

The woman is a machine.
That sexy beast with the teeny dress & the boots, that's my mum...
That sexy beast with the teeny dress & the boots, that’s my mum…

In Turkey I went without internet – who booked my ferry tickets?

I was exhausted from life in a Pirate and shitty men – who organised me a lovely hotel in Rhodes for 4 days, just to relax?

When I needed to get to the UK to interview for bar jobs so that I can afford to travel again (I’m a broke-ass writer, as we know) who booked my ticket because little old me can’t pay with my debit card? I bet you can guess… MY MUM.

Sometimes I feel like a cheat, because I have this incredible support system back home.

Even when I’m completely alone, I’m never alone. My dad is super amazing (don’t worry pop, you’ll be getting one of these posts too, promise), my sister is above supportive & gave me the greatest advice when the Very Bad Thing happened, and I have the most amazing friends from back home and across the globe who never fail to help me feel loved. And then I have a super powered, technologically challenged, short-arsed ginger Mum who manages to organise the world from behind her keyboard. She stresses herself silly about me and my travels, she’s become the Queen of Tripadvisor and Booking.com, and I love her so, so, so much.

So, to my laughing, smiling, giggle-juice* drinking Mater…

Thank you.
Thank you for being there. Thank you for pulling the rabbit out of the hat when we’d not only run out of rabbits, but the hat was gone too. Thank you for being kind, and singing in public and talking to strangers – it embarrassed me when I was younger, but now that I’m travelling I can see your warmth and openness in me, and it’s why I have so many friends. Thank you for getting lightly embarrassed any time I talk to you about sex – it makes it hilarious for me just to wind you up. Thank you for making sure I don’t die – whether its shelter, food or work, at the drop of a non-existent hat you’re armed and ready for internet action to save your baby – I appreciate it far more than you know.
Thank you for everything. And for loving me, because I know a shitload of people, and a lot of mothers.
But no one could beat my Mum.

*Giggle-juice is our name for sherry, because after imbibing just a single tot she’s laughing up in the rafters.

My Crazy Happy Family
My Crazy Happy Family

Yes, sometimes I feel like a cheat. Sometimes I feel like I’m not being as independent as I should be, or that I need to be so super insanely ‘badass’ with the solo, planless travel lifestyle thing that no one should ever help me. But then I realise, I am BLESSED to have my support system. It’s incredibly special and I’m very lucky. I am so lucky to have my Mum. Only an arrogant fool would wish for anything else, & I wouldn’t trade in this type of love for all the “You’re a REAL HARDCORE traveller” badges in the universe.

See you in LONDON reader dears!