You know what’s annoying? That I can’t start every post with ‘Wow’- I have to be original apparently, but all I want to shout out is “WOWEEEEEEE!”. People look at you very strangely when you exclaim things like that at the top of your voice in public. Oh well.

Our hosts from Deep Green, being the awesome people they are, sent us on a day boat trip from Adrasan (a town neighbouring Olympos that has just suffered a massive forest fire). Myself and the beautiful Val headed out with Yucel, one of the owners, from Olympos after breakfast- snorkels in hand and extremely excited. A day out on the ocean that we didn’t even have to PAY for! WOWEEEE!

Argh, I did it again.

We were greeted by the Captain and helped on board, the only foreigners in a local group. Yucel was joining us for the day to get some spearfishing in, and looked decidely ridiculous in his camo wet suit and fins. But hey, when needs must right? The underwater GI Joe look worked though – at the day’s end we brought home 8 whoppers, which were delicious as a light lunch with stewed tomatoes the next day.

It was stunning. The water was blue. Really blue. Not grey-blue or brown-blue or green-blue. Just intensely, mind blowingly blue. From the turquoise of the shallows to the royal depths, the colour of the ocean was dreamlike. Photoshop wishes it could create a sea so beautiful.

We stopped at 4 coves along the trip. Each time we’d jump off the ships deck into the Mediterranean and immerse ourselves in cool sapphire bliss. Snorkelling for the first time was a breeze and a blast – I’ve loved swimming since I was a kid, and the ability to extend that with the clarity of goggles and my new amphibious snorkel nose was heavenly. Flat bellied fish skated around the sandy seabed, while schools of tiny orange guppies moved in and out as one through the coral. I swam through a shoal of darting silver bullets, visible from one angle and gone with a turn; it felt like we were playing tag, and I have to admit – those buggers kicked my ass.

Paradise Bay
Paradise Bay

After every stop we were bought back on board by the ringing of a bell – each tinkling heralding a new drink or snack. First juice and beer were offered, than a delicious lunch of grilled sea bass served with crisp salad and chilli tomato pasta. Seriously yum. The next two stops brought us Chai and biscuits, followed by a selection of chilled fruit and more beer. The crew were sweet men, and you’ll never guess who donned the captain’s hat (quite literally) and drove the boat for a good fifteen minutes… ME! I’m pretty certain you steer a boat, not drive it- but, well, meh.

I was relaxing in the warm sun, with the cool sea breeze tempering the heat of the day, and Captain Erdal brought me a gift. He had picked up a shell from the ocean floor while diving, and had drilled a tiny hole at the top. He threaded a string through, and attached it to my necklace. It was such a unexpected yet lovely gesture – something that seems to be the norm in Turkey. Beautiful people with beautiful hearts. After our return to Adrasan bay the rest of the guests hopped off the ship, but we were invited to join Captain Erdal for Turkish coffee. I read his fortune in the patterns of the finished grounds, tipping the cup over and waiting for it to cool before ‘interpreting’ the pictures I could see. It’s not real, but it is sweet and fun.

All in all, I simply cannot wait to do it again.