Wow. Just wow.

Olympos is more than just beautiful. It’s more than amazing, awe-inspiring, jaw-droppingly wondrous. And it’s not just the wooded hills that crest through the valley like waves in a storm, or the sheer shale cliffs that drop from on high into the royal blues and turquiose tones of the Mediterranean that lap at their feet. It’s not even the heavenly bay, fed by an ice-cold creek that runs through the ancient ruins surrounding the small town, or the multitude of orange groves and mulberry trees that line the street and cover the pansiyons (hostels) with sweetly scented shade. All of these traits make the place beautiful, but the attraction extends beyond the surface.

This place is special. From the staff at Deep Green where I’m volunteering to the man selling midye dolma (fresh caught mussels stuffed with spiced rice) on the rocky beach, everyone has an air of friendliness, a comfortable companionship from the offset regardless of language barriers. I’ve been here less than a week, yet I already get greeted by name whenever I walk into a pansiyon (hostel) or bar. It’s really just so good for the soul to be around so many open hearts.

Tomorrow I will post about the day in the life of a volunteer, and how incredible swimming in bio-luminescent plankton at 3am feel. You can also expect posts about free climbing cliff faces, 10m high jumps and kayaking like a boss (’cause I am one). But for now I will leave you with some photo’s of the place I am calling home, because the beach is calling my name and my new friends are waiting.

You can feel jealous if you’d like, but I’d rather you be inspired.