The walls dance, breaking apart from the inside out. They shake as I let it go. The columns around me collapse as I walk past; I see them fall. Rubble tumbles, dust fills the air yet the path stays clear. The marble floor opens up behind me, but I don’t look back – I know the devastation that follows in my wake. The world ahead of me splinters, cracks appearing, flowing like rivulets of blood. Blood they made me take. I pay no heed; detached I continue through the bedlam.

Shop front windows explode, shards of glass throwing diamond fragments through the air – reflections upon reflections of chaos. I flick a wrist towards the ceiling; chandeliers burst, spewing crystal tears. I keep my eyes forward, the rage and power flowing around me. Immutable fear and pain emanating out of my very soul, yet feeling nothing but a black-hole of apathy for the ruins I am creating. I am not in my heart, I am somewhere else. I am someone else.

Beautifully wrought lanterns explode, black iron twisting and screeching in torment. It flows in my veins. Sparks rain down as I walk on. I know that the screams of destruction must echo around me, I know the roaring cries are deafening. But there is only stillness. Peace as I bring down all that has been built. All I can hear is that song, playing only in my head yet filling my existence. It leaves no space for anything else. Arms by my side, palms up, I revel in the anarchy.

Mahogany benches implode into nothingness, tiles swirl through the air like leaves in a hurricane before shattering on heaving walls. Nothing but a bubble of silence and that song – that is all I have. The glass doors ahead me are crushed with a gesture – I sweep my hands from the center outwards, both left and right. The massive panes simply disintegrate, leaving a waterfall of falling light as I step through. I raise my arms, elbows bent at the waist. I close my eyes as the building dies, the wrenching steel and thundering collapse of concrete it’s final cry. Waves of dust flooding the empty field ahead of me its final breath. It is done. Still I walk on.

Still the song plays.

“…But with the beast inside, There’s nowhere we can hide. 
No matter what we breed, We still are made of greed, 
This is my kingdom come
This is my kingdom come..."
(excerpt from Demons, Imagine Dragons)