"I feel like I'm trapped in somebody else's master plan. Go to school, get a job... get a mortgage. All I'm really doing is dying."
"Let me get you some more pills."

Deep Muso dudes . Very very deep.

I know I’ve felt like this before. Personally, I agree. I don’t think we have to do things just ‘Because we’re supposed to’. A lot of the time we distract ourselves from the reality of our situation. ‘Pills’ – things like TV, social media, addictions. A lot of things take our attention way from how we really feel. And it’s horrible. I don’t know what I ‘want to be’ for the rest of my life. I want to be happy. And travel and write and hopefully laugh a lot. If there’s some tequila involved, or I get to help other people be happier too, all the better for it. Preferably both.

My favourite part of this video is the intro…

"I think I hate my life."

"Is it because you gained weight? You should read this article. It helped me a lot."
"I haven't gained any weight"
"You should probably have my salad instead."
"You should probably eat a d***. "
*chokes down laughter*

Hahaha. I mean, really. Tee hee.

Get out there and live life your way. Possibly be less violent about it. But leave the things that suck behind. Do what you makes you happy. For me, I bought a one-way ticket to see where life would lead. I don’t know what it will be for you. But you do.

Go out and find your happiness.

Just don’t get hit by a bus.