Get ready for some totally indulgent pictures of food. Scrumptious.

But first – the servers. Such sincere people. I believe completely in the inherent power of a smile. It speaks volumes, especially when language is a barrier and Google Translate isn’t handy. I love smiling at people; bank tellers, fellow passengers, strangers I walk past on the street. Often you  see a split second of surprise register on their faces. As if it’s that strange that someone you don’t know would acknowledge you – especially with such positivity. I’m a pansy for people – I truly do care about almost everyone I meet. Come hug me before I melt into the rainbows I’m made of…

Back to the Point (Capitalised To Remind Myself Why I Was Writing This). The wait-staff from the Hilton matched me grin for grin. It wasn’t simply the polite upturning of the mouth reserved for patrons. They offered genuine happiness in return. It’s not often I feel outsmiled, but there was one particular individual who brought such sweetness to the mix that I felt outclassed. What a bugger – now I have to go practice.

Even the chef, a Mr Sabahattin Okumusoglu, broke the moody chef mould and greeted me with twinkle from behind his thick moustache. He even opened the silver warming dishes without request, once he saw me taking photo’s like a serious groupie.

Some of the Hilton Staff – Happiness.

When taking posed photo’s of people, I first take one with their usual ‘camera-smile’. Immediately after that I look at them, laugh and tell them to “smile MORE, dammit”. When language is a barrier I simply point to my face and throw them the biggest, scariest grin I can muster-It’s slightly on the manic side (OK, incredibly). Both methods usually achieve the goal – a real smile.

The manner in which the servers went about their duties left nothing to be desired. And well done them for being so fantastic at smiling – it’s a skill not to be underrated. After the affects of the Charity Committee and their competitiveness, it was a welcome break back into reality. They basically made my day, people wise. As tends to be the case when humans are honestly pleasant to other humans.  I like the logic here, yet for something so simple it seems to be overlooked too often. So be play nice with others, OK? Do it for me.

Click here to see the deliciousness we were treated to. A big thanks to the Croatian and French Embassies for the donation; You don’t know me, but ya’ll rock.