It’s happened. I’ve been … TAKEN… *Thunder*

Just kidding. The Stepford Wives didn’t convert me. The weather did. It has been terrible – Rain and more rain. Every now and then it rains again, just for a touch of originality. Considering it’s usually 25-30′ C (or 77- 86′ F for those who do it wrong) in Ankara around this time of year, I’m vaguely annoyed. It’s putting a serious dampener on my adventurous nature.

(Bet you’re all thinking how punny I am right about now).

So here’s some wonderful cupcake stuff for you to enjoy. Am I worried about alienating my male readers? No. EVERYONE loves cupcakes. But just in case you lie in the miniscule percentile that doesn’t…. Dear reader, this is for you.

-> [CLICK ME] <-

*Cough* Now that’s over.

Here’s the best cupcake business I’ve seen so far, some awesome cupcake ideas on Pinterest, and a recipe for Double Rainbow Coconut Cupcakes. Yay! It’s RAINBOW!

Very Cupcake is just incredible. They have 72 flavours. I repeat. SEVENTY-TWO. You can’t comprehend how insanely happy it makes me- somewhere in this crazy world of crime and corruption, the United Nations of Cupcakes exists. Unfortunately they only operate in Turkey. Oh, the irony in my metaphor.

I also found some awesome cupcake ideas on Pinterest. From ‘Cookie Dough Monster’ to ‘Irish car Bomb’, apparently the realm of the cupcake is ever expanding. And I love it. Coincidentally, while you’re there you might as well follow me. (Unashamed self-promotion say what?)

Finally. Here is the recipe from “Bake It In a Cake” for Double Rainbow Cupcakes.