Tonight I raided Aunt E’s kitchen. She’s about 4.5  months pregnant, and while it’s definitely “NOT A DISEASE!” sometimes she needs a break. So I decided to let loose in her kitchen (again) by whipping up my own take on something vaguely Eastern. I barely ever use recipes, so that’s about as accurately descriptive as I can get in regards to the cultural origins of this dish. It’s Caiti-nese… haha, I like that one.


Anyway, here is the deliciousness of dinner in all it’s glory.



‘Spiced Apricot Chicken and Red Lentil Stew, served with Seasoned Sesame Bulgar, Fresh Steamed Peas & Lemon-Mint Yoghurt’. Om nom nom.

  • Top TIP – After I cooked the chicken in tomato paste and secret spices that I’ll carry with me to the grave (using a deep electric pan), I removed it from the pan before adding the lentils. I never know exactly how long they’ll take to cook through, so only at the very end do I return the chicken to the dish. No one – with any sense of good taste – likes dry, cooked for 40 days and nights chicken.
  • The spices I used today were cinnamon, a teensy bit of clove, ground cumin, and curry powder- along with dried apricots, apricot jam, tomato paste, salt and freshly ground black pepper. I lied about taking them to to my grave. The deep electric pan wasn’t big enough.
Chicken, Lentils, Bulgar, Apricots, Mint, Peas… Goodness, what goodness.